Extra Virgin Gourmet Olive Oil

We have our own trees, our own oil press and our own storehouse. For that reason we can control all the whole production process of our oils. We control since the olive plantation, fruitgrowth, olive harvesting, grinding, storage and also the packaging.
Our extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil of superior quality. It is a gourmet olive oil, 100% of the arbequina variety. It is obtained from the first cold extraction, this allows to obtain the best possible flavor without losing the original properties of the olives.
We care about our lands and our environment. We cultivate organic olive groves, precluding the use of chemical substances that are harmful to the environment and the organism. This form of cultivation produces healthier and more nutritious olives, naturally. The harvest and transport of the olives from the field to the oil press is done in an artisanal and continuous way, with this you get a great freshness in the oil.
Our oil stands out for its bright green color, with an intense sweet taste with spicy lightness, characteristic of the Arbequina variety, with an intense fruity aroma of fresh olives and a great complexity of fruity aromas of banana and apple. It is harmonious and aftertaste. Exclusive to enjoy raw with meats, fish, fresh vegetables and bread.
Our virgin extra gourmet olive oil is beneficial for health, reduces the level of bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol levels, decreases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, regulates intestinal transit and prevents tissue aging due to its antioxidant action.


The olives are harvested, transported to the mill, there are cleaned, washed and milled in less than 24 hours after collection. The dough is beaten and the olive juice is separated from the rest of the components and filtered to obtain the Extra Virgin Olive Oil
When obtaining the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is filtered with cellulose plates to eliminate retained moisture and particles in suspension. We always do it in the first extraction and it is stored in special tanks at a constant temperature so that it stays in perfect conditions.
Ecological product certified by the ecological agriculture committee of the Valencian Community.

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