Detergent, Softener and Stain Remover


We have had to adapt to the demands of our customers. For this reason our company has opted for the development of liquid detergent. Thanks to the high percentage of active material and active oxygen in our detergent, it is prepared to wash colored clothes as well as white clothes. You can also use it to wash the most delicate clothes that you can not put in the washing machine by hand. We have a great variety of lasting aromas that will make your clothes smell all day.
We apply the latest technology that guaranteeing the best quality of our products. 

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We also have a great variety of fabric softeners. These have very intense and lasting fragrances that help inspire body and mind throughout the day. Also we use one of the most advanced techniques of the sector, this technique helps us to get the clothes with less wrinkles. Our fabric softeners leave the clothes with an extra-fine texture and feel of silk. For all types of clothing.

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It is a new product, this stain remove has a natural oxygen, this oxygen allows to remove the most complicated and impossible stains, always maintaining the colors and respecting the fabrics of the garments. Our removal, removes all types of fats such as oil, coffee, tea, wine, tomato, … It is specially designed to remove more dirt embedded in the necks and cuffs of shirts and jerseys.
The active oxygen has whitening agents that help your clothes to be whiter and get a sharper color. You have to leave the clothes to soak for a few minutes and then wash them in the usual way.

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