We are concerned abaut enviroment therfore we have created a large range of products to cleaning vehicles without a liters of water. This is a new technique that have a dry cleaning. It can be used in any type of vehicle (motorcycle, car or boat). limpiezaB limpiezaC
To clean the outside of the vehicle we have a star product that leaves the surface of vehicles clean, waxed and protected. Also we have a concentrates window-cleaning fluid that remoce all the dirt and the most embedded insects in a very simple and fas way.
Our clean wipes will help you to dissale the dirt leaving them clean and shiny, we also have productos to clean the inside of the vehicles, it is a detergent with degreasing power that allows to dissolve any type of stains in upholstery and also protects against other possible splashes.
Another product is the dashboard cleaner, this product remove all kinds of dirt on any type of surface, leaving a flawless shine. We also have an air freshener with a floral touch that prevents bad odors and gives a fresh and clean environment.

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